We love designing gardens and our lead designer, Sandra is extremely talented in working with our clients to design gardens that suit their tastes & lifestyle and then the team carry on the process to bring the designs to life and create beautiful gardens.

The garden design step by step:

1. The Consultation

The Consultation is an indispensable step before starting the creation of the garden. This step is much more than a simple meeting, it allows the Allium team to take into account your expectations, wants, needs and also the existing garden (location, orientation, topography). This enables us to offer you a garden reflecting your image and lifestyle.

Creation Process

2. The Design Study

This is the first stage of the design where we propose to you several options of the new garden structure. The views and the perspective are offered to show a vision of what the garden will look like. Part of the design study is to create a plant and lighting plan which shows the ambiance.

Creation Process

3. The Implementation Plans

Once the design has been chosen, the technical layouts are drawn up to allow the team to create the garden. During this stage we work with you to specify every detail; the choice of the plants, the lights and other installations such as pergolas, garden furniture, pots and containers.

Creation Process

4. The Garden Construction

The construction

Creation Process