Heavy Horse Manure and Fine Composted Horse Manure are good for conditioning a heavy clay soil, particularly when used in conjunction with grit or sand. 

Mushroom Compost 

Mushroom compost is a mix of manure and peat used to grow a crop of mushrooms and then sterilised. It is well composted and ideal for mulching herbacaceous borders or digging in vegetable plots. It can be slightly alkaline and is therefore not recommended for ericaceous plants e.g. Rhodedendrons, Azaleas, Ericas etc.


Mixture of composted bark, leafmould, fine manure and fenland soil. Ideal as mulch on any type of flower bed (ericaceous or herbaceous), particularly good for mixed beds. Slightly acid pH.

Soil Conditioner

Mixture of Heavy Horse Manure, grit and Leafmold. 

Ornamental Bark

A semi-permanent weed suppressing mulch