A Professional Planting Service

When you have invested in beautiful, top quality plants it is so important that they are professionally planted.

Border preparation and planting

As well as supplying your plants, we will also undertake all the necessary preparation and planting. Clearance of unsuitable plants and weeds, repositioning existing plants in better locations and thorough preparation of the ground are vital for the future health of your plants. Every garden has different conditions and soil types. This work often is the most time-consuming part of our service but is the most important.

Planting Surgery

Allium gardeners propose planting service, if you have empty pot, a old plant in your Garden, an messy area, the team can propose a quick planting sheme in 2 steps:

  • We can help you to find a nice composition where your garden need it.
  • After that our team bring the new plants and every things we need (compost, top soil and bark) and plant it for you.