As I grow older, my ties and connection to nature and the environment just get stronger and stronger. For many years running a grounds maintenance company, all was done in a manicured format, with lawns mowed and regimentally stripped edges cut immaculately, and beds and borders completely weed and self-seeded wild flower free.

Everything perfect and kept completely the opposite of how I now believe a garden should be!

I’m not ruling out these gardens, as we all have our own styles and wishes from a garden, and I’m happy to assist where an open mind is available as the two can work in harmony and look very nice.

But if you’re willing to let nature and wildlife in, and want your green space as nature intended, I will be delighted to help you create this kind of garden. By letting parts of your garden become more wild, with naturalistic planting achieved using drifts of plants in seemingly natural random patterns, and using native plants to replicate and bring the surrounding landscape into your space, you not only create a beautiful garden, you help limit the decline in bees and insects.

Your natural garden creates valuable ecosystems and habitats for pollinators, which will give you hours of satisfaction watching them around all your beautiful flowers and plants-they will give you all year interest, and you are providing an important contribution to the health of our environment and planet.