Cambridge Montessori

Garden Design

“We contacted Allium gardeners to ask if they could design and build a new nursery garden for our children use throughout the seasons. We received a comprehensive consultation visit with the designer who put together a beautifully illustrated design and specification of works. We asked them if they could begin work as soon as possible and we were grateful that they could begin 3 weeks later.

“The finished result incorporates a garden that freely allows children of all ages to access 4 raised growing beds in which to plant seedlings and to actively learn about plants and growing food. The garden includes plants which allow children to be fully immersed in a sensory experience which includes taste, smell and touch.

Plants have been selected to provide points of interest and which are also used in cooking. The borders of the nursery garden have been finished with large traditional terracotta flower pots providing both colour and movement and seasonal interest throughout the year. Our first year was delightful with the arrival of butterflies and insects, but also caterpillars which to the children’s amusement ate some of the kale plants”.

Alliumgardenersplantschedule 800x500